February 2019 – Coating plant on electronic boards

General Wash finalized during February 2019 an important order for the construction of two coating plants destined for a leading company in the food&beverage/Horeca sector.

The protection of electronic boards through coating liquids is increasingly in demand and important as their use in areas where there is more humidity, more temperature range and different atmospheric pressure grows.
It is also necessary to point out that the new-generation solder pastes have two peculiarities, on the one hand, they are “no cleaning,” meaning the boards do not have to be pre-cleaned in washing facilities, and on the other hand, they have more easily perishable substances and make it necessary to coatize after the soldering process.

The Client’s requirements were to make systems that combine ease of use with components of the highest quality standards.

The technical challenge was overcome through the realization of a self-controlled and timed process to support the operator in the main stages of this treatment: immersion , dripping with instantaneous condensation at low temperature this to facilitate the subsequent crosslinking stage drying .

The strengths that characterized the delivery of this customized solution are:

  • PLC with menu easily set by the operator and intuitive process progress messages;
  • components from the highest quality standards specific to the coating and programmed to the specific needs of the Customer;
  • possibility of continuous fluid mixing to optimize the final polymer yield on the boards;
  • Automated and safe liquid coating loading and unloading without waste.