December 2018 – Washing plant for mechanical parts

As many insiders may have already learned, General Wash srl has recently become a partner of major brands for the realization of washing systems with technological fluids from HFE and HFO for metal parts and/or PCB’s.

Among the supplies of multistage washing equipment is the “RENLIG” project, carried out for a well-known Italian company that deals with precision mechanical parts.

The request was detailed and specific, because the End Customer (a major automotive manufacturer) needs its products to reflect exacting quality standards.

The realized system consists of three main tanks: washing, rinsing and final drying.
The competitive advantage of this system over the standard in the market is the transitions of the technological liquid to the various workstations.

How? Through a system that separates the most contaminated part at each stage of the work cycle.
Many other competing plants implement the washing, rinsing, and drying phase in series, thinking that the distiller alone is necessary to separate the sludge from the clean part.

In contrast to this modus operandi General Wash thinks that a plant should always necessarily operate with technological fluid at its maximum potential effectiveness, that is, as residue-free as possible.
With the “RENLIG” series this is and will be possible.