Supplier Offers 2018 – Lariofiere, Erba

General Wash will be at the Supplier Offers 2018 fair at Lariofiere in Erba (CO) on Feb. 15, 16 and 17. The fair, mostly dedicated to the engineering sector, is an opportunity for companies to promote themselves and meet demand. An innovative and international three-day event dedicated to excellence in the field of mechanical processing, in which to get to know subcontracting companies and verify their high wealth of knowledge.

The presence of General Wash.

Our company will be there with many intentions and just as many goals:

meet people interested in developing their business, meet potential partners and help them expand their business horizon

Establish an exchange of know-how between companies in the same industry and strengthen each other with a view to future developments

Get in touch with possible customers through direct acquaintance, to understand needs and goals right away

Expand its boundaries, to better understand the dynamics of interaction with a market that is not only domestic

Witness the value of the company by retaining existing customers, induce word of mouth to expand the circle of potential customers

The virtual world is already a reality in which we are immersed. But attending an industry trade show remains the most sincere way to establish relationships based on trust, which are the basis of the most interesting professional contacts. Register now to get your free entry.

See you at the fair!