GW Coating Sol


  • Customized basket for holding pieces
  • No need of suction chimneys
  • Continuous mixing of coating fluid for a more uniform polymerization
  • Coating fluid Novec™ management system with charge and discharge, without losses
  • Use of coating technological fluids Novec™ without f-gas for protection against humidity, oxydation, oil, grease
  • PLC with cycles adjustable by ther operator

Technical features

  • I/O link sensors with remote standard remote protocol for communication
  • 2 Chiller independent units for direct expansion
  • Adapt for manual as for automatic use
  • Coating Novec™ for PCBS with or without UV reflection


  • Coating technological fluid Novec™ supplied together with the machine
  • Pneumatic lift for manual start
  • Complete covering of the machine