GW Renlig


  • Pneumatic lift for basket in various washing tank
  • Use of coating technological fluids Novec™ without f-gas
  • Coating fluid Novec™ management system with charge and discharge, without losses
  • Separation of technological fluids Novec™ from aqueous element based on different weight of fluids

Technical features

  • Designed in line and equipped with an integrated module via Ethernet, it is able to allow the connection to use the remote control and assistance services, in compliance with the provisions of the National Industry 4.0 Plan.
  • I / O sensor link with standard protocol for remote communications
  • Separate and independent direct expansion chilling system
  • Ideal for spot washing cycles
  • Automotive parts cleaning, optics, electronic cards, fashion accessories


  • Ultrasonic immersibles in AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Complete covering of the machine
  • Filtration in stainless steel box 9 and 3/4’‘ with cartridge filter
  • Supply of the Novec™ together with the machine
  • Activated carbon condensor
  • Customized basket for pieces