February 2019 – Coating Machine

In February 2019 General Wash has realized an important contract for the realization of two coating machines for a top level Food&Beverage company.

The protection of PCB with coating fluids is always more requested and important, because the utilization of PCB grows where there is more humidity more thermal excursion and a different athmospheric pressure.
Moreover, it is necessary to highlight that new generation polishing pastes have two main characteristics, on one side are “no cleaning”, that is to say that they do not need a previous cleaning in a cleaning machine, on the other side they are more likely to be perishable and the utilization of high voltage system makes the coatization compulsory after the soldering process.

The request of the Client was to combine userfriendly process and high level components.
The technical challenge was accomplished thanks to a self-monitored and timed process, that supports the operator in the main treatment phases of such treatment: immersion and drying.

The advantages that characterized these customized machines were:

  • PLC with an userfriendly menu with intuitive messages for every working phase;
  • premium level components and programmed on the specific Client needs;
  • possibility to continue mixing of the fluid for optimizing the final polymeric ration on pcbs;
  • safe and automatized load and unload of the coating fluid, without losses.