What does many working fields like automotive, textile industry, raw material industry connect?

The need to elevate quality standards, the aestethical as well as functional ones.

Our know-how, deriving from a variety of application fields, it is at Client’s disposal, towards an always shared goal.


The covering of noble materials on raw manufacts thanks to galvanising processes, i.e. the chromium plating on zinc material, needs to be preceeded by the degreasing treatment, which is necessary to avoid the polishing paste and/or to eliminate the residual acqueous elements inside the pores. General Wash has a long experience in the realisation of washing plants according to the most recent norms, easy handling and taylored on Client’s needs.


The ultrasound treatment, with degreasing fluids or detergents, allows to reach high washing standards in the Automotive sector, i.e. as far as nozzles, impact absorbers, transmission components, thus evolving quality of production into an asset.


The ultrasound washing in the molds sector see General Wash srl as a leader in this sector, thanks to the experience gained on the field with premium companies. As a result, washing cycles and detergents proposed by General Wash srl will satisfy your requirements.


Screws and bolts need inline washing steps, with washing, rinsing and drying steps for the treatment of bulk material. On many occasions inside the Cochleas, washing plants operating with the principles of the Archimedean screw, dephosphatizing or passivating processes are integrated.


Textile industry and ultrasound have an ancient bond, linked to the washing of many components, like nozzles, jacquard pcbs, weaving heddles and healds. For the first ones, the little washing machines are the most suitable solution, being easy to use and flexible. Regarding heddles and healds, multistage washing machines are adapt for zinc stainless steel, whereas all-in-one washing machines, when multiple treatments in a single chamber are the best solution for saving space.


The washing of pcbs has to be realized with ultrasounds and products that do not provoke soothing effects on the pcb plastics and materials.


The ultrasound action is performing when it comes to wash tools used in wood cutting tools, i.e. : PCD tools, circular sawblades in HW, mechanical feed tools, spare knives & inserts, manual feed tools. Performing in the oil and resin detachment thanks to medium-high temperatures (50-60°C) and good quality detergents. Even the best tool needs to be washed in order to have a long life and be always performing.