December 2018 – Metal cleaning machine

As a large number of people in this sector knows, General Wash srl has become partner with the major brands for the realization of cleaning machines working with technological fluids HFO and HFC for metal parts cleaning.

Among the multistage cleaning machines big group, project “RENLIG” is also present, realized for a well-known Italian subcontractor that cleans high precision metal parts.

The request was detailed and specific, because the final Client (an important automotive company) needs that their products reflect the most demanding quality standard.

The cleaning machine is composed of three principal tanks: cleaning, rinsing and final drying.
The competitive advantage of such system in comparison to the standard one already existing on the market are the fluid channeling ways through the various working stations.

How? Through a system that separates the most soiled fluid in every cycle phase.
Lots of competitor machines act in series the cleaning phase, the rinsing phase and the drying phase.
To General Wash’s opinion a cleaning machine should operate always with technological fluid at his best performance, the more clean the technological fluid is, the more the technological fluids works at his best.
With the series “RENLIG” all this is and will be possible.